April 24th 2017 2017

My dog was bitten by some spitz in this morning.

Manager kicked me out on the phone in this afternoon.

My brother feels painful because of lumber disc in this evening.

It's so lucky day, isn't it?

Practice makes perfect#April 23rd 2017 2017

I'm on my way home. My legs really hurt.
It was the day for 5-hour field practice.
I sold 4 creams and talked to 30 or more people.

My job works on 2 steps.
First, I ask some customers if they want to check their skin health. If they say "Yes", I'll check it with a test machine and explain how bad their skin is. Finally I have to try to sell them some creams.
It was really really really really hard to persuade them to sell some.
It's because I usually can't speak logically..
I recognized who I was...
I was a kind of person who satisfied with just 'saying' not its 'delivery'.

I rather wondered why someone bought some of our cold creams because I talked terribly.
It could be like some crushed shit toilet paper if my marketing skill changed something visible.

That's why I appreciated the senior staff who taught me today.
She was never angry with me.
I made a lot of mistakes from a uniform I thought it was an acceptable to CS. She told me softly what I did wrong and how I could fix them every time.
She told me she was one of the best salesmans, when we met right there. Now I bevelive her certainly!
Sales was really hard beyond what I thought. That's why I wanted to be like her. She looked so strong.

And I appreciated the other staffs in a store. They were nice to me even I worked just one day there.

April 20th 2017 2017

Finally I got a part time job.

Even though I've never worked for something like this job, they picked me up. I felt relived. At the same time I was taken aback because they told me I had to go to another store, not one near my place they noticed at first. That's why I'm thinking about finding another job. It was important for me if I could go to work on foot when I applied for this not other one.

Well, anyway I promised to work for 2-day apprentship next week. That work place isn't the same store I have to work for though.

Well, anyway It's better than yesterday!

My mother bought me dinner, Patjuk and Dotorimuk at 콩지팥찌! They taste really good anytime I go there!!!!!!!!! Taht's why I can't breathe. I really try not to leave the leftovers when I have them!!!

The thing is It was really interesting. It's because I ate neither of them when I was child. But oneday, my mother took me to 2 good restaurants and I felt in love with them! I always recommend those stores, 콩지팥쥐 and 전라도 손팥칼국수 in Anyang, Kynggido.

I bet there isn't anyone disapointed there!

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